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Feist Full Game cheat code: I20416BCE3==
Unlock 7 additional levels | Regular price: $3.99

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Feist Full Game cheat code: D#009D76C8C#
Unlock 7 additional levels | Regular price: $3.99

Feist by Finji

Feist is a multi-award winning, beautifully handcrafted action game. It follows the story of a fragile little fur creature and its desperate attempt to rescue its mate from the clutches of a pack of malicious predators. The journey to the heart of a mysterious forest soon becomes a savage and merciless fight for survival as everything in this mesmerizing but deadly environment wants to eat you.

Awards and Recognition:

• Unity Awards: Best Overall Design

• Unity Awards: Best Visual Design

• IGF Finalist in Excellence in Visual Arts

• Fantastic Arcade Spotlight

• Fantastic Arcade Audience Award 2nd Place

• GDC Best in Play

• Swiss Games Selection

• Alexander Clavel Foundation – Culture Award

• SGDA –Swiss Game Award

“RECOMMENDED: There's a purity of vision in its savage scenarios.”

- EuroGamer

“The most brutal thing about Feist is how desperate its encounters are: they’re protracted, stressful, improvised fights to the death. Feist is remarkably tense for a platformer. The world’s tension is heightened by the music: a quiet, forlorn ambience shrouding the woods of Feist in a supernatural melancholy. There are moments of startling beauty in Feist.”

- PC Gamer

“Feist looks phenomenal. The look, described as "a cinematic physical-effects style reminiscent of Jim Henson's The Dark Crystal, or Hedgehog in the Fog," is brilliant. Some of the best game art I've seen.”

- Destructoid

"Handmade like an Aston Martin, imagined as art, loved as a child. Feist almost never reveals itself as a game while you’re playing it, which is an absolute triumph today."

– Clickindie

"A fine magical tone to the world."

– Rock Paper Shotgun

Key Features:

• A desperate and merciless fight for survival

• A striking visual style

• A rich and vivid world full of strange beasts

• A dynamic gameplay. All elements play together and contribute to the game beyond their core function

• Enemies with surprising emergent interactions, a complex AI and a set of versatile abilities

• Gorgeous natural environments and an enchanting, spooky atmosphere

• A true labor of love full of details

• A haunting soundtrack by Tomek Kolczynski

• Full gamepad support

• Game Center achievements

• Fully translated to French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified & Traditional Chinese

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